KARMA- Inside or Outside of Us?

Most of the people take karma as something outside us..

I really don’t get it how people take karma as somthing showering flowers or whipping up somebody.. It doesn’t happen like that. Actually, as much as we all are connected in one way or the other, one person’s thoughts n actions mostly affect the others. Sometimes, one person is facing the consequences (both good n bad) of something done by that person but others may count it as the Karma of somebody else. For example, if somebody’s family member meets with an accident, (or positively) wins a lottery, people will relate it to that person’s bad or good karma. No.. not necessarily true. The good or bad happened to a family member may be just the karma cycle of that member only. It’s true that due to connection, others of the same family will also get affected but just a connection does not relate their karma also.

Karma is actually within us- the thoughts we think, the actions we do and sooner or later their results that ensue, the whole circle is Karma. Who do you think is rewarding or punishing you?? YOU YOURSELF. The bad or good things you think or do about ‘others as well as yourself’, you will have to face the consequences of that.

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Karma is just your energy that transforms into something noticeable over time-YOUR CHOICEST LIFESTYLE.

You should stop taking karma as something a force outside of you. Karma is your own inner force. Karma is your own energy that results in something tangible over a period of time. It’s just a pattern to make you know or realise what you did, to others and yourself.

[First Published On 12th May, 2020]

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