Weight loss Journey-10 kg in 10 days

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Please read the above mentioned article to know the basis and initial stage of my weight loss journey. I am writing about the next ’10 kg weight loss within 10 days’ in this blog post.

After losing those 20 plus kg in weight in the initial phase, I was still weighing and juggling between 90-91 kg for about 10 days i.e. I did hit the plateau (no progress in weight loss). I had my LLB final semester exams the then next month and 2 practical exams within 2 weeks, so I had to rush up to lose weight somehow and anyhow. I did more research on how to break the plateau stage and I had almost done everything that I read in articles to get to my goal but to no avail, and I had only about 10 days to stay in chandigarh the day I decided to do anything in those days to lose as much weight as possible as I had my flight pre-booked on the next day i.e. 11th day.

The goals was to lose 10 kg in 10 days, that too permanently. Yeah.. I just wanted to set a crazy goal so that I could reach to at least half of it (just my way).

WHAT I DID in terms of DIET and EXERCISE in those days:

●Started the day with drinking 1 litre of water straight. No flavour. No lemon, honey, etc.

●Goal of minimum 4 litres of water per day. No skipping-Not even 100 ml.

●No milk. No sugar. Not even a drop of oil in my food. No nuts.

● 1 kg cucumbers a day with or without lemon splashed over it. Black salt only if and when I needed it for taste.

● Did cycling(stationary cycle) for cardio.

● Strength training for only 15-20 minutes a day.

● Ate only 1 chapati in those 10 days, only on 2 occasions when I was feeling like having it i.e. half chapati per day for 2 days with 1 bowl of soya chunks cooked without any oil or ghee.

● Green tea twice a day on alternate days and once a day at the evening, before bathing, after exercise.

Let me explain it now how it felt and how it went.

DAY 1: It was difficult to gulp down 1 litre of water but I did because I had read it somewhere that japanese people drink 4 glasses of water empty stomach in the morning to stay slim. After drinking water 1 litre I did 1 hour cycling after which I got thirsty again, so drank 2 glasses of water again. During lunch time I ate half kg cucumbers(without peel) with a dash of lemon juice, without salt.

Half an hour after eating cucumbers, I cycled again for about 3 hours without a break but I kept on drinking water in between.

At night, I ate half kg cucumbers with lemon and black salt seasoning.

Did 5 planks of 30seconds-1 minute alternately; 50 bicep curls in one set(1 kg dumbell)- 2 sets; side leg raises 200 each leg; tummy twisting 300 reps; 10 squats.

Stretching for about 10 minutes. Drank water and had no green tea at night. Slept.

DAY 2 and 3: On day 2 I weighed myself and I had lost about 1.2 weight. Yayee!! HAPPY to break the plateau. 😂 The amount of water and exercise were kept the same on day 2 and 3 as on day 1 and I lost about 1 kg on each day but I scattered the strength training into bits done any time the whole day while keeping the overall strength training goals the same.

Day 4: Diet and exercise the same as on day 1, except that I used salt on cucumber both the times and ate half a chapati with 1 bowl soya chunks curry at about 4 pm as I was feeling hungry. The curry had no oil and chilly and it had about 150 gm of boiled soya chunks.

Day 5 and 6: The same diet and exercise as on day 2 and 3 and I lost 1 kg from the previous day each of these days as well.

Day 7: I had lost only half kg from the previous day and there were only 4 days left to stop cycling altogether, so I decided to push myself harder as I had in mind to lose 1.5 kg on this day. So, I drank 1 cup black coffee(half a teaspoon of coffee without sugar) as well in the morning alongwith lemon water. And I cycled for 8 hours in two shifts of 3 hours and 5 hours.

My family be like- Are you crazy??

Me: YES! Please don’t interfere. 🙂

Day 8: Lost 1.8 kg. 💃💃 but I was quite tired. So, I Ate half chapati n soya chunks first thing after drinking 1 litre of water and skipped strength training this day but I cycled for more than 4 hours for sure, although in 4 shifts of 1 hour each As I Was Tired. Ate cucumber for lunch and dinner.

Day 9: 1 kg lost again. Great. Repeated day 8 without chapati, soya and coffee.

Day 10: Repeated diet and exercise alongwith strength training in bits all over the day.

DAY 11: Weighed less than 80 kg in the morning although it was only a few grams less than that, so count it as 80 kg weight only. Basically, GOAL ACCOMPLISHED❣ Time to take off to mumbai and study for 4 weeks 🙂🙂

DOs and DONTs:

First of all, don’t do it if you are not absolutely free from any other work-mental and physical. You need energy to work and you cannot adopt this routine while working.

Secondly, you may feel naussea and headache in between due to physical over-exertion. So, I would never recommend this method to anyone until and unless they absolutely need to do it and have no other choice.

Set realistic and healthy goals. This was quite an unrealistic goal for me. For others, I can’t say much. And it was a bit difficult to keep up with this routine.

Have supplements of vitamins and minerals as well as electrolytes, as prescribed by a medical practitioner (not gym trainers). I didn’t do it, but it would be great if you would take your nutrition from at least supplements.

OKAY..If anyone thinks that it was a temporary weight that I lost, they can’t be more wrong as I had lost all of my toxic/temporary/water weight slowly when I reduced weight from 114 kg to 90 kg. This 10 kg never came back. Actually, after this, my body became accustomed to losing fat without even doing any exercise.

The next part of weight loss journey during my exams will be shared on next sunday.

Thank you for reading. Take care and live well. ❤💫

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