How much do you know about monday except Monday Blues?

MONDAY!! The day that brings blues to some people after cherishing a relaxing sunday. Because work work work..!!

But, do you know how and why ‘monday’ is addressed in different cultures. Read further to know.

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The name Monday is related to the moon. The Latin name for moon is ‘Luna’, and in French Monday is still called ‘Lundí’.

Historically, many cultures have associated Monday with the moon. The ancient Greeks referred to Monday as ‘Hēméra Sēlēnḗ’, which translates to ‘Day of the Moon’. Similarly, in Norse mythology, Monday was dedicated to the moon god, Mani.

In the Nordic areas, the moon was called “Mani”, and in time Mánadagr became Monday. In Norse mythology, a distinction is made between two different meanings of the name ‘Maní’, meaning moon, and ‘Máni’, meaning “moon” as a personified deity. In Norse mythology, Máni is the brother of the sun goddess Sól. Máni is known as the personification of the moon, riding across the night sky in his chariot, pulled by two horses, named Árvakr and Alsviðr. The people in ancient times believed that the lunar phases were a reflection of Máni’s journey across the sky. Interestingly, various cultures have associated Monday with lunar deities or the concept of the moon, emphasizing the symbolic significance of the moon and its influence on the day named after it. Whether it’s the ancient Norse mythology or the etymology of different languages, the connection between Monday and the moon resonates across time and cultures, contributing to the fascinating tapestry of human history and linguistic evolution.

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The reasoning behind linking Monday to the moon lies in the long-held belief that the moon has a significant influence on our lives. It was believed to affect tides, emotions, and even agricultural patterns. Thus, naming Monday after the moon was a way to honor and acknowledge the moon’s power.

Even in modern times, traces of this connection can still be found. For example, in astrology, Monday is associated with the moon sign, which reflects our emotions, intuition, and nurturing qualities.

So, next time you find yourself starting a new week on a Monday, remember the deep-rooted association between this day and the celestial body that illuminates our nights – the moon. May it inspire you to embrace the week ahead with a sense of enchantment and lunar energy.

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