List of things not-to-do on Deepawali.

Who doesn’t like the festival of diwali/deepawali I wonder. We just love it!! The prayers, the celebrations, the gifts exchanges, the meetings, the decorations, each and everything related to it! But, there are certain things that we shall avoid to our own well-being. What could they be?? Well, here is the list:

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  1. Making anyone feel ignored- You know big festivals become big when they are celebrated with a big heart. Don’t make any person feel ignored on purpose on this wonderful day. Festivals are all about positivity, love, sharing and caring.
  2. Excessive fireworks- Yeah, burning crackers as a part of celebrating diwali is understandable, but doing it excessively that people can’t even breathe properly in the air the same day and the next few days is not tenable.
  3. Overindulgence in food and drinking- Take care of your body. One day of celebration turning into body problems due to overindulging yourself in food and drinks, for the next few days just takes away the positives of festival. You don’t want to feel like the day was a burden on your body. So plan pre-hand what and in what quantity you would consume on the day and a few days before it.
  4. Buying useless stuff- In the excitement of diwali, we tend to buy things that we would not use even for once and then we end up regretting buying that stuff. Just be mindful and think for two minutes before buying anything whether you are going to use it ever again or not.
  5. Gambling- Yeah, playing cards as a game is enjoyed by some people on diwali night but avoid it altogether as a means of gambling if you can or else do it in a highly controlled manner. Don’t go ‘drink and gamble’ on this pious festival and then wonder how you went empty pocketed and indebted the next day. 😜

Do you want to add anything to the list. You are most welcome to do so, in the comments. Happy Diwali Week to everyone! ❤💫🌠

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