Interception For Self

silhouette photo of woman

When your heart shatters into a zillion pieces,

When it still doesn’t make any noise to the outside world,

When you can’t hear your own screams,

When you silently own every single broken piece in your existence’s hold,

Know that there will be someone who will make it easy for you;

Someone will make it easy the love for you,

The love you give and their love for you,

Someone will make the life easy for you,

The way you want to live it,

doing the things you love to do,

Someone will make it easy for you to smile,

The real unfiltered blooming out of innate happiness they give to you,

And until you meet that special someone

Cherish everything that you are

Find depth in your hollowed heart

Find solace in your solitude

Find heights increasing in your strength

For living alone this way is truly an art.

A Spiritual Message-Transcend Your Limits.

Here, welcoming you with love and respect and wanting you to connect with us.
I hope that your hopes never fade away into the oblivion of the events and you dare to learn, grow and achieve even after a million of adversities and you chase your dreams with the same vigour as when you first visualised them.
I hope that you have the curiosity of exploring all the realms of life present in the universe and beyond as well as for everything inside you.
I hope that you look far beyond the physical limitations and increase the capabilities of your mind that transcends any doubt of impossibilities.