Mountains and oceans

Photo by Tim Gouw on I cannot choose between mountains and oceans, for it's choosing between height and depth, Discrimination between flows of air and water of endlessness and vastness of mind and emotions, to me they both are after effects of magic of nature and they bestow that magic on me when I … Continue reading Mountains and oceans

Why did they leave me?

"When someone abandons me, I know that the problem is in that person, not in me. People who can't love anyone, keep changing people, even when the other person never gave them any reason for it. This is something an abandoned person finds difficult to understand. Trauma Bonding doesn't let them feel that there is … Continue reading Why did they leave me?

Life is a Journey.. Hi Everyone, Please take a look at this video and share it if you liked it. This is something about very dear to me. An important part of my life that I have shown in a video without any words. I hope you decipher it. My heart has tried to speak to your heart … Continue reading Life is a Journey..