Mountains and oceans

Photo by Tim Gouw on I cannot choose between mountains and oceans, for it's choosing between height and depth, Discrimination between flows of air and water of endlessness and vastness of mind and emotions, to me they both are after effects of magic of nature and they bestow that magic on me when I … Continue reading Mountains and oceans

List of things not-to-do on Deepawali.

Who doesn't like the festival of diwali/deepawali I wonder. We just love it!! The prayers, the celebrations, the gifts exchanges, the meetings, the decorations, each and everything related to it! But, there are certain things that we shall avoid to our own well-being. What could they be?? Well, here is the list: Photo by Leeloo … Continue reading List of things not-to-do on Deepawali.

How to heal yourself?


Healing is a deeply personal and transformative process that is unique to each individual. It is a journey that unfolds over time, and there is no fixed timeline for how long it takes to heal. While some wounds may heal relatively quickly, others may require years of time, patience, and self-reflection. Photo by Arina Krasnikova … Continue reading How to heal yourself?

How to get rid of flight and fight mode? An Insight and A Sure-shot Method !

Your true self is what is inside you, not how it looks on the outside or how it seems to other people. Photo by Pixabay on When you are not connected to yourself completely; when you do not dig into all of your layers, test and understand them immensely, somebody may cut your outer … Continue reading How to get rid of flight and fight mode? An Insight and A Sure-shot Method !