What ‘Stillness Of Mind’ is?

Stillness of mind may have many connotations, a different one for every persons..Let's talk about what stillness of mind can be considered as. Stillness of mind means neither being hopeful about something nor hopeless, you just have to make peace with what is. Situations might and will change in the future but you cannot take … Continue reading What ‘Stillness Of Mind’ is?


Affirmations are words that we tell ourselves to imbibe them deep into our mind and soul, so that we can manifest them into reality through actions and otherwise. Written below are the affirmation that will work as food for your soul.

How to know whether your attention is being given to the right people or not??

elderly woman messaging on modern smartphone

Human beings are more or less helpful beings; but, some people really need to learn the difference between who feels low when life really hits them hard with everything that questions their existence and survival AND who feels low when their Ego is shattered into tiny pieces. People maybe helpful but helping the latter kind … Continue reading How to know whether your attention is being given to the right people or not??


Photo by JESSICA TICOZZELLI on Pexels.com Why some people prefer to stay alone despite having great personalities? Why some people are loners despite having a friendly nature? Why some people stay isolated for long periods of time despite having too many people on their social media platforms and big families? Apart from extreme introversion, what … Continue reading BETTER ALONE THAN IN BAD COMPANY